Kruger National Park

by Valter Jacobsson on January 20 2017

Kruger National Park is the very first national park of South Africa and is without a doubt one of the richest in wildlife. In 1890 on the order of the current President of South Africa, Paul Kruger the park became a protected area. The area was previously known as Sabia game park. The park has ever since attracted loads of tourists who want to see the African wildlife in its natural habitat. With 147 different mammals, around 500 bird species and 115 reptiles and amphibians Kruger park offers an amazing safari experience.


The park is located in the northeast corner of South Africa and lies east of the provinces Limpopo and Mpumalanga and is one of the largest national parks in the world. 360 km long and 65 km wide resulting in an area of approximately 20 000 km2. Animal and plant life thrives due to the many rivers that flow through the park complementing the otherwise dry and balmy climate. Examples of these are Sabie, Olifants and Lebata. The north and south border of the park are also defined by two rivers, Limpopo river and Crocodile river. The highest point in the park is called Khandzalivei and reaches up to 840 meters.

The climate

The climate is mostly considered subtropical and temperatures easily reach over 30 degrees Celsius when it is at its warmest. During summertime (November -February) it´s usually more humid while in winter time it tends to be a bit drier. Kruger park recommends visiting in the end of October climate wise. Reasons being lower risk of malaria, gradually getting hotter and the animals being drawn to the watering holes that are being refilled with the first rain.

Month Highest temperature C° Average temperature C°
January 31 25
February 32 26
Mars 31 26
April 29 23
May 28 20
June 25 17
July 25 17
August 27 19
September 29 22
October 30 23
November 31 25
December 32 26


There are lots of dreamlike accommodations in the park reflecting the nature. The majority being fresh and civil whilst still giving a taste of adventure. Because the housing is located all around the park you get to live in the middle of the wildlife. It is not unusual to hear the roar of a lion or elephants chatting in the middle of the night. Surrounding accommodation is fairly expensive due to the location and therefore it has become increasingly popular to camp inside of the park. This is a considerably cheaper alternative and so called rest places already equipped with tents and other arrangements are scattered throughout the park.


Kruger national park is one of the absolute best possible places to visit in order to experience African environment and wildlife in its natural habitat. The best time to visit is in October according to the park itself. The park is more than safe for tourists and well equipped with secure roads and a variety of different accommodations. Organizations are working hard in order to preserve a safe environment for the animals and a great experience for the tourists.

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Valter Jacobsson