Working in Norway

by Valter Jacobsson on January 20 2017

Working in Norway

Norway has become an increasingly popular place for young people looking for work. A notorious destination for people on sabbatical for example, Norway offers a wide range of possibilities. Most of the time it’s the jobs that entice people to come here but also experiencing a new and fascinating place and the chance to grow as a person. Looking to find job in Norway? Bobasen has gathered some of the most common occupations as well as things to consider.

There are many reasons why Norway is a great opportunity for young people looking to work abroad. Due to Norway’s high financial security and wealth many of the jobs which are seen as low grade jobs or that do not necessarily require any education are vacant because Norwegians strive for higher education and more exalted jobs. Even if the jobs that the Norwegians might not necessarily want are the ones that are vacant, they still come with high working standards and many benefits.

One of these being the salary which is often quite high. Even though the Norwegian crown has declined in value in recent years their minimum wage for Norway jobs is still higher than most other countries.

Kindergarten teacher is probably one of the more comfortable professions you can get with in Norway. Relatively high wage and very good working conditions combined with the fun and rewarding experience of working with children makes this a very enjoyable occupation. A good tip is to sign up for a bunch of different staffing companies. You’ll get work as a sub here and there and by showing that you’re a hard worker and can take a great deal of responsibility you could eventually be hired by a kindergarten directly. Getting hired directly leads to a more reliable schedule as well as chance at a higher wage. Getting kindergarten jobs in Norway if you don’t speak any of the Scandinavian languages can be a bit tricky but if you’re proficient at English there are certainly some opportunities. Who knows, maybe your expertise could lead to more exclusive opportunities.

The restaurant business can be a hard place to get into and does not necessarily fit everyone. But if you like fast pace and working with people it is definitely something to consider. Waiter or waitress openings are something to be on the lookout for as it’s probably the best position to get as a newcomer. In many places you’ll start as a busboy and work your way up. The starting wage as a waiter isn’t that high compared to other jobs but you’re pretty much guaranteed to keep the majority of your tips. Since you don’t have to tax your tips you can sometimes survive solely on it and use your normal salary for something more exciting than groceries.   

The aforementioned staffing companies can be a good way to get a job working in supply departments. These jobs are notorious for their unsocial- hours bonus which results in a higher than average pay. A good way to get one of these jobs is if you have a forklift operating license, if not and you still land a job, companies can sometimes be as generous as financing  the course to get your license. The downside to most supply departments are that they are often located outside of the cities. It can therefore be a good thing to have access to a car and a valid driving license.

To sum up, Norway is a great place for anybody new to working. There are many high paying jobs that don’t require any special education. is a great site for anybody who’s interested in finding work. They also have great information regarding rules and other stuff that might apply to you depending on where you come from.


Valter Jacobsson