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Does Bobasen provide accommodations?

No. Bobasen only offers advertising space, and the advertiser is himself responsible for his object. Every ad contains contact information so that you can easily contact the advertiser.

Does Bobasen translate the ad text to a number of languages?

No, unfortunately that is not possible at present. The advertiser is himself responsible for translating the text of his ad. We work constantly to improve and enlarge the service at Bobasen. We hope to be able to offer translations of advertising texts in the near future.

When can I see my ad?

Your advertisement is visible first after it has been approved by Bobasen. Publication normally takes place within 24 hours.

How long is the ad shown?

After 6 months the advertisement is automatically removed. You can erase the ad yourself before that by using the same e-mail address as when you created the ad.

Can I edit my ad after it has been published?

Go into the display page for your ad. Click on “Edit or remove ad” in the top right-hand corner and follow the instructions. You can edit the ad by giving the same e-mail address as when it was created. A changed ad is treated like a new ad, and is placed in the queue for checking by Bobasen.

What can you do to be seen among the Chosen Objects on the first page?

This takes place automatically and cannot be influenced.

How do I remove my ad?

You can erase your ad at any time by clicking on ‘Edit or remove ad’ in the top right hand corner of the display page. Then give the same e-mail address as when you created the ad and follow the instructions. If you do not remove your advertisement yourself it will be removed automatically after the advertising period of 6 months has elapsed.

I don’t have an e-mail address. Can I advertise with Bobasen anyway?

Bobasen to send you information. It is thus also necessary that you have access to the same e-mail address that you gave when you first advertised if, for example, you want to remove your ad.

Do I have any guarantee that the contents of a particular ad are correct?

Bobasen cannot provide such a guarantee. Since this is an advertising market, the advertiser himself bears the responsibility for his ad. It is demanded that truthful and correct information be given. If an ad with false or intentionally misleading information is discovered, it is immediately removed.

I only rent out by the week. Why do I have to give a price per night?

This is in order for Bobasen to make it possible for readers to easily compare prices. Price per night is not mandatory, but is desirable. If you do not let per night then indicate the current shortest rental period in the ad text.

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