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1.1 Only one object per advertisement is allowed; and the ad cannot refer solely to external information.
1.2 The advertiser is personally responsible for the content of his or her ad. Bobasen takes no responsibility for the advertised object.
1.3 The advertiser will give truthful and correct information. Should it be discovered that the ad contains deliberately false information, it will be immediately removed and no refund will be made for the cost of its publication.
1.4 Bobasen does not accept responsibility for disturbances of the service that lie outside our control, and accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from a lack of or delayed answers to the advertisement.
1.5 The advertiser may not present such information as can be considered offensive.
1.6 Bobasen reserves the right to prevent the publication of such advertisements as can be considered offensive or not in accordance with the conditions.
1.7 The advertisement is automatically erased when the advertising period has ended.
1.8 The advertising period is 6 months from when the ad is first published.

Personal information

2.1 Contact information given in connection with advertising will be used by Bobasen for the administration of the relevant service. This information also constitutes the basis for market analyses, customer analyses and business follow-up. The information may also be used in marketing by Bobasen to you.
2.2 The advertiser hereby agrees to the use of cookies on the website.
2.3 The advertiser hereby accepts that the given contact information and all of the advertising texts be published on Bobasen.


3.1 Pictures used in the advertisement shall be the advertiser’s own.
3.2 All rights to pictures and advertising texts are transferred to Bobasen.